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"See How Easily
And Cheap It Is To
Turn Your Ordinary House Into A
Carbon Copy Of A Celebrity"

Stop Spending All Of Your Money Trying To Make
Your House Look Elegant. Learn To Decorate
Like A Celebrity At Only A Fraction Of The Cost 

28 January 2008

Dear Friend:

I opened up a magazine the other day and saw a picture of Faith Hillís home.  The photos were amazing!  Her home was amazing!  I found myself wondering how I could get the same look in my own home without having to shell out the money she probably did for her professional designer.

As I sat and looked around my pretty boring living room, I became envious of Mrs. McGrawís floral couch, her cleverly placed centerpieces, and her tastefully arranged artwork.  It made me sad that all I had was a few apples in a Tupperware bowl gracing my yard sale coffee table.

So I did what anyone would do Ė I went online and tried to find out how I could decorate just like the stars do.  After checking out abut 10,000 Google matches, I gave up and had a sandwich instead.      

Deciding to give it just one more try, I sat down again at my keyboard and asked the Internet how I could decorate like a celebrity.  And then I found it!  The answers I needed in one convenient place:  ďInterior Decorating:  Decorate Like a CelebrityĒ. 

Once I Read The First Few Pages of This Book, I Was Hooked!

I started seeing past just four walls and some beige carpet and began envisioning a living room like Madonnaís, a dining room like Martha Stewartís, and a bedroom like Britney Spears!  After I read this book, I knew I could have the same beautiful decorating style as those famous people and still do it without spending my life savings.

After just a little bit of reading, I found out:

  • The Doís and Doníts of interior design

  • How to get some great ideas

  • The elements of interior design

  • How to organize my ideas

  • Decorating on a budget

  • And so much more!

I was positively crazy with excitement.  I knew that there were some well-kept secrets out there that interior decorators would never voluntarily share with me.  With this book, I didnít have to worry about that.  ďInterior Decorating:  Decorate Like a CelebrityĒ takes all sorts of tips and tricks from professionals and puts them into this easy to read book.

Have you ever given serious thought to the best way to arrange artwork in your home?  Nope, me either.  What about taking what you already have and making it look glamorous and unique?  Same here!

Thatís Exactly What This Book Does!

It takes everything you never thought about and made you think about it!  I mean, not many of us are totally satisfied with the way our house looks all the time.  Heck, my mother gets positively unsettled when she doesnít have some sort of decorating project to undertake!

What is the worst part about interior decorating?  The price tag, of course!  ďInterior Decorating:  Decorate Like a CelebrityĒ shows you how to make a beautiful home out of just a little money Ė among other things.  You wonít believe what you find in this book!  You can learn how to decorate your home in any of the following HOT new styles:

  • Minimalist

  • Casual

  • Formal

  • Shabby Chic

  • Paris Apartment

  • French Country

  • Tuscan

  • Traditional

  • Tropical Chic

  • Country Lodge

I personally have never before seen so much information in just one place!  Did you know that Madonna made a nursery for her new adopted son, David, in a jungle theme?  She spent $22,000.  You wonít.

As Long As You Have This Book!

Britney Spears did her bedroom in a tropical chic motif.  She spent over $10,000.  You wonít!

As Long As You Have This Book!

I couldnít be more serious about how much information is contained in this 61 page book.  And itís so easy to read and understand!  All you have to do is open it up once, go to the table of contents and get straight to the style or topic that interests you!  Itís a tool that youíll use over and over and over again!

Many people choose a style for decorating their home and get bored with it after a year or so.  Maybe you still have that shag carpeting from the 1970ís.  Perhaps that avocado green refrigerator is really bothering you these days.  Itís OK.  Youíll find all of the answers you need for updating your home into a beautiful paradise right here!

You could spend tons of money and/or time finding the information that Iím giving you in ďInterior Decorating:  Decorate Like a CelebrityĒ. 

Donít Overspend, Be Thrifty

When you consider how much money interior decorators make, it might make you wonder why.  The easy answer is that when you pay them to think for you, you donít have to worry about the details.  But the details arenít that great.  Theyíre easily manageable for anyone.

You donít need an interior decorator to decorate like a celebrity.  All you need is a little passion for change, some elbow grease, and this book! Listen to these stories from our customers.

ďI seriously cannot believe how easy interior decorating is!
I used to think there was no way I could make over my house
without deleting my savings but this book showed me all
the best ways to change the look of my house and how to
do it in an economical way.

I read the section on Tropical Chic for my family room and
Now I relax every day in a tropical paradise!  Plus, it hardly
cost anything to re-do the room and even my husband
agreed that without this book, we would have been lost!Ē

Carol From Illinois



ďIn New York, the apartments you can find that are affordable
are, unfortunately quite small.  I found myself in the middle
 of a bunch of clutter and not much style.

This book talked about decorating like a minimalist and,
although I didnít think this style would be for me, I tried
it.  Iím just ecstatic at how it all turned out.

Now I donít have all the clutter, and my apartment is
absolutely beautiful!  I even have room to entertain now!
Without this book, I could never have done this on my

Nancy From new York


As for me, my guest bedroom is a beautiful Shabby Chic style, and my living room is gorgeous French Country.  I spent less than a thousand dollars to do both rooms and everyone comments on how beautiful they are!

I could have paid a professional to do both of those rooms for me and would have paid well over the thousand dollars for materials.  Luckily, I was able to get my copy of ďInterior Decorating:  Decorate Like a CelebrityĒ for a great price.  And it was well worth the money!

Thatís why Iím now able to offer YOU this great book too.  You see, I felt so strongly about the information in this book that I obtained the rights to re-sell it.  Even though I paid a great price for the book, I felt like I could make it even more affordable.  So I lowered the price!

When you click on the order button, you can get your copy of ďInterior Decorating:  Decorate Like a CelebrityĒ for just $39.95.  Thatís much less than what I paid and I still donít think I wasted a dime. 

This Is The Type Of Book That Needs To Be Mass Marketed

So thatís what Iím doing!  Iím mass marketing it across the Internet and YOU can have it today for just $39.95

Maybe you think itís just my own opinion and you donít know me so why should you trust me?  I understand that!  Itís for that very reason that I decided to also attach an iron-clad guarantee along with this book.

Our Famous, 100%, 90 Day Money-Back 
Clear As Black-And-White Guarantee!

If After Using What You Learn From My Book, You Don't Learn How To Successfully Decorate your Home Like A Celebrity, I'll personally Buy My Book Back From You & You Get A 100%, No-Hassle Refund!

('And you can even keep the book for free
as a thank you for trying it out!')


Thatís a guarantee you wonít find everywhere.  You get 90 full days and ALL of your money back if youíre not happy!  Why wouldnít you order now?

Well, Iím off to re-do the dining room!  Get this book and youíll be re-decorating your home in no time!  Guaranteed!

Warmest Regards,

Maria Parasiewicz

P.S.  Donít forget that ordering is risk free.  I have a secure server for your initial payment plus, if youíre not happy with the book, youíll have 90 days to decide.  Within that time frame, just let me know youíre not happy and youíll get 100 percent of your money back!

Decorate like a celebrity today by clicking on that order button!  Itís a win-win situation any way you look at it!