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Custom painted high quality wall murals are becoming more and more popular in the residential and commercial interior design business.

It is a unique, attractive and affordable way of adding a personal touch to homes and businesses rather than wall papering or buying different decorative items.

Choosing a wall mural over decorative items is an excellent choice. It will not only increase the value of your home, but will definitely return your money investment.

Wall murals will draw attention and can bring enormous success to private businesses. A number of clients say their growth in sales increased rapidly by purchasing a wall mural!

One of our client said "Your mural was the best money investment I ever made. Since you installed it, we have seen a considerable increase in both our income and in the new clients that visit us. Some of these clients have gone on to be among our most valuable and regular customers. The return on our investment so far has exceeded the installation and material costs by hundreds and thousands of dollars, and over time we expect a tremendous increase of our clients list." Think of the endless possibilities how you could drive more traffic to your business or office.

A wall mural will also beautify your home and enhance your surroundings. This aesthetic enhancement would in turn create emotional and psychological benefits. It is well known that our general well-being is affected by our visible environment. A wall mural has the potential to improve your outlook by reminding you of the possibility of finding beauty in our daily life.

A wall mural can also offer an original way to explore the world of art. It can inspire creativity or moments of relaxation. Would you like to go on vacations but can’t afford it? The serene calm of magic windows or magic doors can transport your imagination, and bring you a sense of peace and tranquility.

Beyond all of these benefits, a wall mural is an original piece of art and at the very least will provide an interesting conversation piece for visiting friends and relatives.

If you are interested in having a wall mural we will be happy to assist you with advise, design and installation.

We are located in Massachusetts, and will happily service Boston, Springfield and the Berkshire area.

Art is always an excellent investment. Having a mural is unique. Be the first! Call Now! (413) 230-0155 or send e-mail at


Stars And Art is offering different services for different budgets.

  1. Magic Windows/Small Murals

    For those of you with a tight budget, we have available in our collection of small mural prints such as; magic windows, magic doors, magic bathrooms, alcoves, wall openings/murals, royal gardens, and window wells. These beautiful window/door views will open up your space, just within minutes. We are happy to ship it to you anywhere on the globe.

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  2. Residential & Commercial Wall Murals

    If you would like to have a large wall mural in your home/office, but wouldn’t want to go through a labor intensive painting process, our collections of computer designed paintings are an excellent and relative inexpensive way to decorate your home/office.

    This new and revolutionary Technique of Mural Painting allows you to create individual pieces of art tailored to your interior.

    It is affordable and done within just days.

    We will custom design just about anywhere to fit your walls, including every room in your house, such as foyers, children's rooms, living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and basements.

    We can also assist you in uniquely transform your office and other commercial spaces, such as salons, hotels, spas, swimming pools, waiting rooms, restaurants, and lobbies.

    To see our work in other homes and commercial space, please visit our Wall Murals.

    To learn more about the process please watch our Video.

    If you have any questions about the process and pricing, please visit our FAQ or “Why you should consider a wall mural for your home…

    To make an appointment for your custom design; Call Now! (413) 230-0155 or send e-mail at

  3. Hand Painted - Interior Murals, Canvas / Wall / Hardboard panel (Plywood)

    If you would like to have an original wall mural, Maria will travel.

    High quality hand painted murals, can require considerably more time and are priced on an individual price basis. These works are akin to what you would see in a museum, quality art made with the finest details available, with serious attention to detail – great conversation pieces.

    Some murals consist of large monotone regions, loose styled abstract art, or simple scenes requiring low detail, such as sunsets or silhouettes. These murals will cost an average of $9 to $29 per square foot. The level of quality is equivalent, if not better than most professional murals found elsewhere. To see an example, please click here.

    Murals of higher complexity, featuring more detail, and large scale paintings typically cost $29 to $125 per square foot. You will find the type of quality seen in fine art galleries here, yet at a much lower price.

    As far as the mural’s surface is concerned, we are highly versatile. Typically we paint on canvas in our studio, which can then be sent to virtually any location on the globe.

    Hand painted custom designed murals on canvas or plywood are becoming increasingly popular. They can be removed and reused, if you have to move, you can take your masterpiece with you. They can be easily shipped, and we offer free shipping in the U.S.

    Our murals are installed the same way you install wallpaper and you can remove them through similar techniques! To learn more about how to install your canvas please read our article, Tips and Tricks to Install Your Canvas.

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