Testimonial from Rainer Maria Latzke

Testimonial from River Management Society

"We just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the excellent work that you did when you installed a mural in our restaurant. Since you installed it, we have seen a considerable increase in both our income and in the new clients that visit us. Some of these clients have gone on to be among our most valuable and regular customers. The return on our investment so far has exceeded the installation and material costs by hundreds and thousands of dollars, and over time we expect a tremendous increase of our clients list. We were especially impressed with the professional presentation of the mural that you installed and are very much looking forward to working with you again"
- Wanda and Kazimierz P. Poland, Warsaw

"Dear Maria,
My husband and I were always nervous about adding a mural to our daughter's room. It always seemed that we were unable to make any decision as far as it was concerned LOL! I'm so happy that we found you and that you took the time to show us the options and you give us exactly what we needed. Our daughter loves it too"

- Emily and Rob T. Boston, Massachusetts

"do you remember me? I'm the person who just could not make up their mind as to what they wanted in their living room. After seeing your dream world designs, I finally felt as if I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you for adding such beauty to our home and transforming it into exactly what we needed"

- Sincerely, Julie K. New Heaven, Connecticut

"If you have been considering using Maria to add a mural to your home, I would like to share my experience with you.

She came to my home when I asked her for some advice on the placement of some murals we had been considering. I had so many questions but she took her time and really listened to what we had to say. I must admit, it was wonderful to finally have someone that was willing to help us without being pushy in the process.

We finally decided that we would go with one of the beautiful murals that you provided and were pleased that it was much less than what we had expected.

If any of you are sitting on the fence, I can wholeheartedly recommend Maria for your mural project. She gave us exactly what we needed, a listening ear, great advice and a beautiful mural."

- Sincerely, Eva S. and Tibor C. Detroit, Michigan

"We were very happy with the mural that we got from Maria. She was able to finish our project in a timely manner and even came in under budged by over $190. Best of all, the mural fits our wall like a glove and everyone that has seen it, loves it. I recommend Maria to everyone who asks"

- Brett T. Austin, Texas

"Maria’s mural has transformed our guest bathroom from a windowless cave into a breathtaking Mediterranean seascape! She used rich colors to recreate the authentic natural beauty of the area, and added her technical precision to bring forth life in the form of birds and blooming vines on the sun-bleached patio. We love it more everyday, and now we keep the bathroom door open so we can also see the mural from our kitchen.

The mural has added immeasurable value and beauty to our home, as well as our daily quality of life. Maria took great care in creating an image that inspires a dreamy, yet grounded feeling, one that offers daily moments of relaxation. It especially lifts our spirits in the cold, dark winter or when it’s been too long since the last vacation.

Whenever friends or family visit our home, we appreciate the mural from the fresh perspective of new admirers, who then begin to wonder what they might like to see from their own window mural….the possibilities are endless. In Maria you will find wonderful ideas and the rare talent to create the mural of your dreams. We continue to be grateful to Maria for ours."

- Miriam O. Amherst, MA